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What can a property maintenance company do for you?

Owning property comes with maintenance challenges and complications. As a property manager, homeowner or landlord your need for property maintenance will present itself at some point. Doing it right the first go around will save you money and time. Real-estate is a good investment, but one of the realities of owning real-estate is the need for maintenance and repair work. Any building will begin to show wear and tear over time, and you will inevitably run up against the need to get some things fixed up around your properties. You may be pretty handy, but eventually, you’ll run into a problem that’s a little bit too big for you to handle. Let’s look at the biggest reasons to hire professional property maintenance technicians.

  1. Keeping Your Tenants Happy

A property without tenants is not an asset, it’s a money pit. Keeping your tenants satisfied and feeling safe in their home will keep them renewing their lease and save you the hassle of having to list and fill your property. When a tenant runs into an issue that’s big enough to warrant a formal maintenance request, they will expect a pretty fast turn around. Take care of emergencies in under 24 hours, and it’s a good idea to get non-emergency problems addressed within 48.

If a problem goes unresolved long enough, many state and local laws will allow tenants to take many actions that can cost you money and time. Some of those options include: withholding rent until you make repairs, deducting the cost of a third party repair from their next rent check, contacting housing authorities, or simply terminating the lease agreement early. All of these choices will affect the money you bring in and how easily you can rent the property down the road.

2. As A Landlord - It’s Your Legal Obligation

You have an obligation and legal duty to keep your properties in a habitable condition. You need to do this regardless of how challenging or expensive it turns out to be. You need to make sure that your property has functional plumbing and electrical systems. You need to make sure to keep the heat on in colder weather. You need to maintain a clean building that’s free of any underlying structural issues.

It is almost inevitable that you’ll need to deal with an emergency problem at some point.

3. For Homeowners, Realtors, Property Managers and Landlords

You Will Have Access To Experts

On Call - 24/7

Hiring a professional property maintenance team will get you easy access to a professional for almost any problem. What’s more, you’ll have access to that expertise 24/7, and with One Call Property solutions, LLC you can make just one call for almost all of your maintenance needs. If we can’t fix it, we never charge a service call.

Whether you want to deal with some simple upkeep in between tenants or you need a rapid fix on a problem that’s about to cost you thousands of dollars, our professional property maintenance team can help you. We bring critical skills to your corner and can help you keep your tenants happy and your property in great shape.

(208)490-6713 for all of your property maintenance needs 24/7. Access our simple to use work order request for your next repair order on our home page


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