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Fence Repair

Damaged fences in need of repair typically show themselves after a heavy rain or wet winter and high winds that blow over cedar wood fences or gates that have posts that have rotted over time. Some times, whole sections of fence can fall over at at time. Fences are important for families to keep pets and children safe and we understand the need to get your repairs scheduled quickly. 

One Call Property Solutions, LLC has the knowledge and expertise to repair your fence professionally. Whether the fence is vinyl or cedar, we can get your fence repaired quickly and professionally. 


One Call Property Solutions, LLC is knowledgeable in repairing vinyl fences that heave from the ground giving the fence that roller coaster look. We have repaired many fences throughout the Magic Valley that had the roller coaster wave and straightened them out without breaking our clients budgets with a tear out and rebuild. 

If you have fencing or gate issues that need addressed, contact the professionals at One Call Property Solutions, LLC and know that you are in good hands. 


Fence Repair
Cedar Fence Repair
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