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Why And When You Should Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall

One of the best ways to keep your lawn vibrant and healthy from the surface down to the roots is to fertilize and now is the best time to apply fertilizer.

Keep reading to find out why your fall fertilizer application is the one you don't want to miss.

Most people have lost the excitement of a healthy lawn by October, with the first winter freeze lingering around the corner, it may feel counter productive to feed your lawn now. Don't let winter's approach prevent you from giving your lawn it's most important feeding.

Morning dew this time of year allows for full absorption of all the nutrients that grass needs to build stamina, root growth and help it overwinter to come back vibrant and healthy in early spring.

Be sure to apply your fall fertilizer application before the first winter freeze. Typically mid-October is the best time to apply.

Call us today to schedule your fall fertilizer application.

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