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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Keeping up with property maintenance is a lot of work. Neglect, however, can lead to expensive repairs, frustrated tenants or decreased business. Don’t let important upkeep tasks get away from you. Use our spring maintenance checklist to make sure you don’t miss any necessary maintenance.

  • Inspect HVAC ducts for dust buildup

  • Replace HVAC filters

  • Service AC units

  • Clean and prep the landscaping

    • Trim trees and shrubs

    • Mow and fertilize the grass

    • Clean garden beds and landscaping

    • Apply dormant oil to trees and shrubs

  • Establish a watering schedule for grass/plants

  • Pressure wash hardscapes

  • Inspect outdoor lighting for damage

  • Clean out rain gutters

  • Check roof for any damage

  • Inspect crawlspace for leaks

Call the professionals at One Call Property Solutions to schedule your spring maintenance. (208) 490-6713

Filer, Idaho

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