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Take Steps This Fall For A Beautiful Lawn Next Spring

Let One Call property Solutions, LLC help you prepare your lawn to be beautiful next spring. The first step is to keep mowing your lawn through the fall. It may seem like it is time to put the mowers away for winter but it is necessary for the health of the turf to keep mowing. You can mow less often but at least every two weeks until the leaves have stopped falling off the trees. Mulching the leaves into the grass will turn all of that mess into nutrients for the soil and will give you a beautiful healthy looking lawn in the spring. Don’t leave the leaves without mulching as this can cause ugly dead spots over the winter and are much more difficult to clean up on the spring. Add another round of fertilizer to protect and provide nutrients over the harsh winter months ahead. You can turn down or stop watering As the weather gets cooler. Before you stop watering completely, give the grass one last deep waterzing. For help with all of your fall cleanup and yard maintenance, One Call Property Solutions, LLC, we‘re there when you need us. (208) 490-6713 #leafcleanup #fertlizer #mowing #fall #yardwork 

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