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Pride Of Ownership

When buying a home, most people think first about financial responsibility. It's one of the most important purchases that you can make in your lifetime. But many people don't consider the importance and the time it takes to own a home. Like owning a car, you have to take steps to keep up with regular maintenance. Do you change the oil in your car? Check the oil, rotate the tires, replace the windshield wipers when they are worn, these are all maintenance tasks that we tackle, or pay someone to take care of on a regular basis because we know that if we don't, our car is not going to remain reliable and can cause us undue expense when these items are neglected for long periods of time. 


Property Maintenance

You know what happens if you don't apply a maintenance program for your car. What do you think happens when you don't have a regular maintenance program for you home? All too often we find important components of the home that have been neglected. Consider what happens if you don't replace your furnace filter on a regular basis. We have found filters that are so dirty and packed with dust, dog hair and who knows what else. The furnace gets so starved for air that if you pull the filter with the furnace running you can hear the sound of the furnace taking a long, overdue, deep breath of fresh air. If a furnace struggles this hard to pull air, how long do you think it can last under these conditions? I don't know very many people that have expendable income to replace the furnace when it dies. 

You need to make a plan to instill a maintenance program for your home so that it will be reliable and it's components will last for a very long time. We have put together a maintenance program that can help you tackle home maintenance tasks on a regular schedule. 


Inspect your furnace filter every month that the furnace is in use.  By inspecting the filter every month you will know when it needs replaced. A good way to remember is to set a reminder on your phone. Often, during heavy use, the filter will need to be replaced, so check it monthly and if you can, spend a little extra money for a better filter. Your furnace is an expensive component in your home. You need it to run to keep your family warm, you need it, so take care of it. 

Clean hood range filters if you have one.  You can use a degreaser to clean and degrease your filter. If you have never thought of cleaning this filter, you are in for a real treat when you pull it out. 

Inspect your fire extinguishers.  What, you don't have fire extinguishers? You need to have a fire extinguisher on each level of your home. If you don't have them, get them, and them check them regularly so that they are in good working condition if you ever need one. 

Check the water softener for salt. Depending on how many people are in the household, this maintenance task can be done monthly or quarterly. If you don't have a water softener, we highly suggest you purchase or rent one to save your appliances, such as, dishwashers and washing machines from damage that hard water can cause. Even components such as toilets and faucets benefit from soft water. Hard water is damaging. If you do have a water softener, it won't work without adding salt. So keep it full and maintained to gain the benefits that the water softener is designed to provide. 


Test your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Just hit the test button, if the battery runs low and it starts chirping, please don't just remove the battery. These are small, inexpensive components that are meant to save you and your loved ones in the event of a fire. Your family relies on you to keep them safe. Don't remove the batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, replace them. 

Check your plumbing for leaks

Go around the home and look under sinks, check around toilets.  Check the valves for leaks, move stuff from under the cabinets and make sure nothing is wet. Check for leaky faucets and running toilets and make repairs as needed. 


Give your home a deep clean. Pride of ownership shows in a home that is well maintained. Take one day, every six months and deep clean all of the areas that don't receive regular cleanings. Appliances, windows, closets and basements are all areas of the home that don't receive regular cleanings. Keeping a clean home and not letting dirt, grime and dust build up is a healthy decision that can keep your home in great shape for years to come. Think spring clean and fall clean. Twice a year, set a time to clean up the cobwebs. 

Change the batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. When the time changes, spring forward and fall back, is a good reminder to replace these batteries. Don't skip this important task. It could save a life. Early warning is your best defense against a house fire. It may never happen to you, but don't risk it, replace the batteries. 

Property Maintenance