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5 Must-Do Home Maintenance Tasks For Spring

The long cold days of winter are coming to an end. Once the weather starts to warm, you will have no excuses for not getting outside and getting your property maintenance tasks completed. Sometimes there is so much to do that it can feel overwhelming and you don't know where to start. Let's go out and explore the most common must-do outdoor maintenance tasks and start there.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is important. You gotta keep those gutters clean guys!! If you don't clean the gutters your going to cause problems to your roof and siding. If you put off this relatively small chore and you don't keep your gutters clean, you're going to end up with costly repairs to your roof, eaves, soffit, facia and siding. It takes time for damage to show up in these areas but when you notice the damage, it's too late for an easy fix. So get those gutters cleaned, twice a year, spring and fall.


You know that paint around the windows and on the facia boards at the eaves of your roof? You see where all the paint looks ugly and chippy? Ya, that needs painted. You need to keep paint on any exposed wood surfaces on the exterior of your home. If you were to leave that wood exposed to the elements than it would get wet and start to rot and eventually fail. So to keep your home in great condition, get out the paint brushes. At this point, where it is just some chipping paint, before any wood rot, it is a pretty simple task. Besides, you have been inside all winter, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Make sure you scrape any flaky paint so that when you put on a fresh coat it will stick. Painting is fun but you don't want to do it again in a few months. Do it once, do it right.

Vegetation Overgrowth

Check out your trees and shrubs. Will your trees start to rub on the roof and siding once they fill in with foliage. Imagine what those branches are doing to your roof. Do you want to trim trees or replace a prematurely failing roof? C'mon people, this is an easy one. Do the same thing to your shrubs, if you have shrubs planted up right next to the house, you need to give them some breathing room between the house and the shrub. Leaving about 18" gives the shrub room to grow without causing damage to your siding. If you let those shrubs keep growing right up against and into the side of the house you will cause damage to the siding and it gives spiders and insects places to live right up close to your house making it easy for them to get in, uh, yikes!


Depending on the type of winter we've had, remember last year, well the snow, rain and moisture cause mud in the spring and mud can sometimes move around. This is no good if it happens around the foundation. Here's what happens, holes get dug by the dog or some of the dirt washes away in heavy rain, now you have a place right up against the foundation for water to sit. Right in that hole! That water will sit there for a while and then it will drain into the ground underneath. So while the water sits right there at the foundation it is starting to cause damage and erosion. It's a slow process but it will happen. When the water starts to drain, it will want to follow the path of least resistance. If it finds a tiny crack or hole in the foundation, in your house it goes. Walk around and get those holes filled up, protect your foundation, it's as important as your roof.

Decks, Porches and Fences

I don't know how many times we see these beautiful cedar fences or redwood decks left to rot. You guys take the time and spend a lot of money to add value to your property but then you don't protect your investment?? Wood needs to be protected against the elements. Paint, stain, something. We prefer staining fencing and decking because it soaks into the wood and protects more thoroughly than paint. But paint is better than bare wood. If your deck or fence is gray and weathered, you will need to pressure wash it and try and breath new life into it by stripping it down. It can look like new after a good pressure washing but once the wood has dried (24 to 48 hours) stain it, you can use a sprayer but be careful not to get spray all over your pretty siding or concrete sidewalk. It is called stain for a reason.

If you have a new wood fence or deck built, stain it, protect it and it can last a long, long time and look beautiful for many years.

Don't neglect your spring maintenance, leaving maintenance for later just leads to more maintenance and sometimes neglect or deferred maintenance can lead to serious, costly repairs. Don't be that guy or gal. Get outside, take care of your property and enjoy the warm spring air. And hey, if you decide that you have better things to do on your weekends or your just too busy or unable to get your maintenance done, call us, we're there when you need us. Serving all of the Magic Valley communities in southern Idaho.

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