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Why You Need A Roof Inspection

Here in southern Idaho, the spring like weather in February, gives us ample opportunity to get spring projects done and catch up on any home maintenance that may need attention.

No snow, no rain weather is a perfect time to schedule a roof inspection before any spring rain.

Your homes roof care is important because it protects the rest of the house from extreme weather but the roof is often the most neglected element of the home. Out of site, out of mind. Most homeowners don't call for a roof inspection until they start to notice a leak. By the time you see or feel water leaking from the roof, the damage is done and is now a more costly repair.

The National Roofing Contractors Association, recommends roof inspections twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Being diligent about roof inspections can save you money and prevent damage to the rest of the home by preventing roofing material failures.

Here's what to look for on a roof with asphalt shingles:

When the wind blows in Southern Idaho, it can blow the roof off, literally. Check for missing shingles and replace any damaged or missing shingles that have blown off. By not replacing missing shingles you are leaving your roof sheathing open to moisture rot and ultimately, material failure.

Check for any water stains around the eaves and siding. The roof is designed to run water off and away. If there is a failure, there will be signs. Don't ignore the signs of damage.

Make sure that the roof and gutters are clean. If they are not clean you need to schedule a cleaning. Leaving leaves and debris on the roof or in the valleys will cause moisture to collect under the debris and will cause damage to the underlying roofing material. If your home is equipped with rain gutters keeping them clean will also keep water and moisture from building up on the roofing material.

Home and roof maintenance is important. Your home is your security. Scheduling a roof inspection can give you piece of mind that your security is not failing. Call One Call Property Solutions, LLC for your professional roof inspection. We can help you with the inspection, repairs and cleaning. For larger roofing repairs we can help you find a trusted contractor.

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