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Playroom Under The Stairs

The idea started with this area under the stairs. We wondered how much space was wasted under there? Our grandson is very loved and has toys upstairs and downstairs and Ty thought it would be a good idea to make him a fun little playroom under the stairs! It turned out so sweet ..

Here’s the before picture of what the wall used to look like. 

Little Ty was so excited to help grandpa. 

He was a super sweet helper. 

So once the wall was opened up, this is what we found. 

We even took little man with us to Home Depot to get supplies and drive the Home Depot car. He’s pretty sweet. 

Progress. The light fixture is installed and the Sheetrock is up and textured. 


It’s fun and now we have a great space to keep toys out of the way. 

And little man has a great play space that he loves. 

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