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Home Improvement Ideas To Inspire You

If you live in a house, there’s a good chance you want to improve it. Whether you're thinking of tearing out that old carpet in the bathroom and replacing it with fresh, new laminate vinyl planking or fresh paint or new color in the living room. Just about every homeowner has a home improvement itch that needs scratched. If the next step is DIY or hiring a contractor - here are some inspiring stories to help get you started.

Meet Sarah and take a tour of her home. She likes to tear apart her house - room by room - and put it back together again!

Follow her on her journey and get inspired along the way!

Let John and Sherry take you on a tour. They have fixed up 3 homes, written books and designed products for the DIYer. They have plenty of inspiration for you on how to DIY your fixer upper home(s).

Sarah, John and Sherry are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home improvement ideas on the internet. If you have time, grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and follow along with these bloggers as they take their dreams to reality.

I hope that they give you the inspiration you need to make your home improvement dreams come true! Sometimes all it takes is seeing the before and after of a bathroom or kitchen remodel to realize that you too can have the home of your dreams in time!

  • Curbly: Love where you live with Curbly’s projects. You’ll discover DIY ideas, hacks, makeovers, tips, and more. See how it’s done and get ideas for your home.

  • Hammer and Moxie: Discover Hammer and Moxie’s honest look at home improvement to get inspired to create in your own home. You’ll see their successes and mishaps along the way for a relatable view of home improvement.

  • Apartment Therapy: Apartment Therapy features home tours, home design ideas, and home improvement projects. Perfect for condo owners or small house living.

  • Shelteriffic: Find hundreds of ideas for home design, products, tips, and more for home improvement on Shelterriffic.

  • Pretty Handy Girl: Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl encourages home owners to become do it yourselfers with detailed tutorials that make it easy to take on your own projects. Ladies are especially encouraged to follow along and take on their own projects.

  • Homey Improvements: See how James and Alicia are making their house more homey on the Homey Improvements blog.

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