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$199* Home Maintenance & Safety Checkup

*  Interior Only

  January Pricing Special $99*           

Interior Only


Take advantage of this special 1/2 price offer

** Exterior Only

What is a Home Maintenance & Safety Checkup?

Everyone would agree that in order to have a good running car and see top performance, the owner needs to perform periodic maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotation, and tune-ups.

Did you know that your home needs the same thing? With proper maintenance of your home, you can ensure that they will lower energy costs, avoid unnecessary costly repairs and eliminate dangerous safety concerns. This is why One Call Property Solutions has launched the Home Maintenance & Safety Checkup. This annual tune-up, which is quickly and easily performed by our professional staff, will protect and maintain your most valuable investment and could save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs, or more importantly thousands in unexpected repairs.

So what’s included?

Let's Get Your Home Tuned-Up!

Interior Inspection:

  • Perform routine inspection on Heating and air conditioning system, to include inspecting air ducts for cleanliness and can include replacement of central air filters for an additional cost. 

  • Conduct routine maintenance on water heater which will include full drain and flush of existing water.

  • Inspect/Clean “P” trap under all sinks.

  • Attic Inspection:

    • Inspect attic for water damage, missing or improper insulation, and mold/mildew.

    • Inspect eves and gable vents for proper ventilation within attic

    • Inspect for any obvious rodent intrusion or  damage.

    • Inspect for any exposed or dangerous electrical wiring.

  • Inspect doors/windows caulking and weather stripping for deterioration. (This will include the re-caulking up to fifteen doors/windows)

  • Check weather stripping on garage doors and any entrance to home.

  • Check bath, toilet, and shower caulking and improve as necessary

  • Garage Inspection:

    • Inspect automatic garage door opener for proper operation ensuring safety devices are working effectively.

    • Ensure self-closing hinge is present and functional from house door leading to garage as required by fire code.

  • Inspect smoke detectors and replace batteries.

  • Inspect Carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries.

  • Check all plug outlets for proper voltage and polarity.

  • Insure proper garbage disposal operation.

  • Test/Inspect all gas connection for gas leaks or corrosion to include: Stove, Water heater, Dryer, Furnace, Gas meter (outside), etc.

  • Inspect and clean exhaust vents.

  • Inspect washer hoses and valves for leaks and inspect dryer vent for proper venting. 

Exterior Inspection:

  • Inspect gutters and downspouts: Inspecting for proper drainage and debris build up in gutters as well as downspouts.

  • Inspect Roofing:

    • Inspecting the roofing material for damage and/or necessary repairs.

    • Inspecting for cracks, water drainage, loose material and exposed nails. 

  • Ensure ground drains are clear and free of blockage.

  • Inspect exterior fixtures for safety concerns. I.e. deck, patio, gazebo.

  • Inspect Trees and limbs that are dangerously hanging over home.

  • Inspect Main electrical panel for rust or water leakage.

  • Inspect for any obvious siding damage.

  • Inspect exterior foundation for any cracks or damages. 

  • Inspect exterior outlets/GFCI/ 

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