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Furniture Assembly

Nowadays, a lot of furniture that requires furniture assembly can be purchased online at a much lower price than in the store. It seems like the perfect plan as you’re scrolling through inexpensive, quality furniture. But, when it arrives at your home in thirteen different packages with five different instruction manuals, things get a little more complicated. The great thing is that even by hiring someone to assemble your furniture, you’re still saving money compared to the price you would’ve paid in-store. 


We specialize in home furniture assembly service help. Our professional furniture installers and furniture handymen are fully trained to put together ready-to-assemble furniture at your home or office. We service both residential and commercial customers. With our extensive training in furniture assembly, our certified assemblers specialize in the installation of ready to assemble home furniture and office furniture from all furniture name brands manufacturers. Whether it’s a new IKEA bedroom set or a beautiful new couch from Wayfair, we have you covered. 

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