We strive to provide quality workmanship. Our services are always satisafaction guaranteed.


We are licensed and insured and only use top quality products. Using quality paint will ensure that the workmanship will stand up over time and safegaurd against having to re-paint too soon.


The easiest and cheapest way to a home makeover is painting. Our painting services include touching up surfaces using color-match technology, whether you need one wall re-painted or the whole room, we get in and get it done. Services include taping off, removing outlet covers and protecting surfaces that don't get paint, as well as, moving and covering furniture. You choose the color, we'll do the rest.


When trying to sell a home, it is essential that your exterior paint is not chipped or cracking. We can spruce your house up with new paint in no time at all.


Don't neglect your fencing and decks. By staining your fence and deck every few years you can protect your wood against the environment and moisture, preventing rot and ensuring that they will last for many years.


If your fence or deck has already been neglected we can refurbish and stain them to make them look new again. We pressure wash all areas with a light wash or, if necessary, a chemical strip.


As with paint, we only use high quality staining brands and products to guarantee the job is done right the first time.